The howlers of the Big Apple.

A Challenge Met

OH Cubby how can you be so stupid!? Ignorant Country Bumkin! He forgets he’s soft pink and delicious to the big bad things out there. He forgets we are on high alert due to the fae and the BSDs. Leaving home and territory is not only dangerous but stupid. He is living up to his name. I am Garou this is my pack, and I will protect it. Cubby fails to remember we are a city pack, and I can understand he longs to run free in the woods. However, if he is unable to live in human society and be respectful and honorable he will not survive here. I’m so worried about him, not only as his sister and pack-mate but as a leader. He abandoned territory which makes the pack mine, and I am Alpha, he challenged and took off like a coward, a child. I have lost my respect for him. There are so many things that the pack is up against, this is no time for Alpha challenges it is petty in the grand scheme of what is going on. He is putting himself and also the whole pack in danger.

He left me a note. I have no choice I have to take this to the den Phildox. I hate to do this to Cubby put this is my only choice that was left to me when he stormed out like this. Tell them he bleached his scent from my home, our territory. They will listen to reason. They will understand this is a child playing leader.

Oh, Cubby I hope I can find you before it’s too late!



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