The howlers of the Big Apple.

A day in the life

School was normal. I left form my Kinfolk’s house and walked. Money would provide me with busfair and lunch money. I could be eating meat. The A&P turned me down. I was unable to get a job in any of the smaller deli’s or shops. No one will take a chance and hire someone so young. These kids offered me job. My ancestors Think I should take it, New york is not annoyed by it and the packages they wanted me to deliver are not wyrm tainted. There is something wrong with this but I cannot figure it out. New york made it seem like the packages that get delivered are illegal. I suppose as long as this person does not use children to deliver packages that hurt Gaia it is not my problem, but I need to find out. Fidgets must be angry, she is not saing anything to me through our connection.



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