The howlers of the Big Apple.


Thirteen year old boys are disgusting. How many tissues? HOW MANY!? Really? Boys are little monsters. It smells like a jock strap on the west wing of the house. And then he gives me those little doe eyes when he’s asking for advice on homework and school, I like Cubby. He’s like a little brother, but he’s still just a child. I think this is all that Melissa girl’s fault hanging on to him so much.

Almost died. Powerless to save Cubby this time. I’m useless. Only thing we can do is to plan carefully instead of being impulsive beasts, so we don’t get into trouble in the first place. I feel bad. I blamed Cubby for the decision made because of what happened, but it probably would have been the one I made. So I took it out on him in anger, which wasn’t right. I think Cubby would make a great Alpha, but in 5 to 10 years. He can’t handle it right now. I think I need to take over for right now. I’m willing to hand it back over to him once he’s of age, but not right now. He’s an impulsive teenager right now.

I need to look out after us now. The Engineer has got me nervous and the Fae I rather want dead myself. Yes, I would have made the decision to go to the Fae’s home, but I wouldn’t have posted to the BBS without consulting the others and thinking it over. Yes, we need to act, but we need to think it through. I can understand Cubby’s mistake. I can even be thankful that we went to them and they didn’t come to us, but we are all in danger. However, Cubby is still an impulsive little boy that still needs guidance and I can’t shake these motherly instincts to look after him.

I should really apologize for scolding him and also siding with the Den Father and offering the newspaper. I shouldn’t have and that was wrong of me. Maybe, I’ll make him his favorite meal or something to make it up.

What is that crinkling sound? I just went to the bed to grab my hair brush and the bedding sounds crunchy.

Okay, Cubby covered my bedding with Newspaper. OH AND MY BOX SPRING! URg! I need to go and remake my bedding. Need to plan for the future more thoroughly. Things are going to change around here, starting as soon as possible.



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