The howlers of the Big Apple.

He who Judges

The big booted man crosses his legs slowly with a soft grunt as he reads over the note in his hand. He shakes his head softly and looks at the Garou before him with a soft smile. He then sets the piece of paper on the table next to him and closes his eyes softly and lets out a sigh. The shadows flicker softly under the candle light in the room no power is run to the house of judgement and that is where He Who Judges holds court. He then opens his eyes in a quick flash this young man wiser then his years. He then opens his mouth and closes it just as swift as he thinks.

“The Alpha know as Cubby is no longer Alpha of his pack. He has shown no wisdom in issuing a challenge is a time of war for his pack and not feeling any control over his pack by issuing such challenge. A Second he showed no Honor in dashing out into the world after removing his scent from his Den.” He then stands up and swiftly his duster puffing out as if a black smoke behind him as he moves."Third he has put his pack in dangers way and also himself now. He is to be striped of his rank and made cub again till he can prove himself to his Alpha. She has the right to give him back his rank when he lives up to it again. This is due to the Litany by "

He then shakes his head and pulls out his laptop hidden behind a throw rug on the wall and starts to quickly.“I will now report my ruling and all the Garou of New York will know it. Gratz on becoming Alpha She Who Fidgets. His name is now the Unwise Cub as well.”



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