The howlers of the Big Apple.


Oh Cubby, my heart broke. I didn’t want to do it this way. You left me no choice. There is no joy in me to be Alpha, just a great big bitterness. An emptiness. I always felt becoming Alpha would be trumpeted with the howls of joyous ruckus. How my heart aches. How it worries. But, it’s up to me now. I hope to Gaia he is staying with his regular kin folk but he acts before he thinks. He’ll be so easily lured away. This is my fault I should have told him of the dangers.

All this going through my head and all I could say in a soft cool voice was, “Thank you, He who Judges.” And I excused myself quickly. There’s no time to lose. I have to find Cubby before it gets dark. For when it gets dark, evil things think it’s easier to prey. Oh, Cubby come HOOOoooooOOOOoME!!



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