The howlers of the Big Apple.


Enough is enough. Fidget is my packmate but I’ve spent enough time nurturing her need for Family. Her parents may have left her here but that is no reason for her to stop me from being a Garou and making me into a human child like I am some sort of doll. She hides in her room, refuses to understand the smallest part of being a Garou.

“Why didn’t you ask us before accepting the assignment?” Idiot! Cubs, Kinfolk and Cliath dissapeared right after we ran some BSD’s out of town. Of course I didn’t ask them if they’d look for them. That would have been an insult. Like it or not this is still my pack and I made a decision. It’s time she learned that money is just a means to an end, not power. She needs to be more than she is. I’ve failed to teach her and she will not learn as long as I play the role of the human child she wants me to be. It’s time to stop staying with her.

I’ll need to clean the areas of the hotel I’ve marked. Those lemon cleaners haven’t erased all trace of me. This will take the nose fire. Hmmmmm! 1 part bleach 4 parts water, then I’ll dump it into the spray gun. All clean. Why is the carpet turning light blue now. Oh well. It’s done. Onto the east corner!

One last touch. I need to let her know her challenge for Alpha has been accepted. SCraaaaaaatch!!!! 1 claw mark down her bedroom door, now to just tack up the note.



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