The howlers of the Big Apple.

The Moot

I fucking hate my life! HATE IT! This changing thing sucks. Not to mention the hair I find in my bra after I change back. And boys? LAME!! Things with a penis are morons!! DUMB DUMB DUMB!! I hate it here. I want to goooooo back hooooome! Ruined more of my clothing. I got thrown into a tree. A TREE! My best converses are Ruined! A freaking poor homeless ugly kid killed my driver. Moots suck! Kinda..

Adults are psycho.

This whole changing into things and things changing into things is weird. Who know a wolf can be a boy? Like, I’m a girl, and I’m kinda a wolf.. but then can a wolf be a boy? Or is a wolf still a wolf? IS a dog still a dog or can it be a kid too? But does that mean any thing can be two things? Like can a cat be my biology teacher? So confusing. School starts in 2 weeks and my closest friend is a 9 year old naked kid. Concept of clothing is a little bit beyond him and a bathroom. I had to put newspaper down in the spare room.

And this damn stinky kid I can’t stand but he better do as I say or I’ll turn on him so fast. I gave him the guest house in the back yard, where we keep most of the pool toys. I don’t let him in the house yet. Though the kiddo seems to protest in his favor too much. I dunno, why I like him so much he’s like a little brother I never had. OH lord, I think the asshole got himself in my kitchen. I hear a lot of rooting around. I gotta go!



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