The howlers of the Big Apple.

The note

"I’ve made the attempt to learn to function in human society. I go to school, learn science, math and english. I am leaving now to learn the human version of self sufficiency. I will take a job at the a&p as a bagboy after school to learn the importance of money. I will return once your challenge for Alpha has been resolved. You’ve never learned to hunt, to smell, to hear. You think it beneath you and you will never be happy until you accept who you are. You are WOLF!! You are human. You are more than both. You are a theurge who is afraid to talk to the spirits. As long as you choose to just be human you will be weak. You refuse to look out for your brothers and sisters in any way other than money, yet you challenge for Alpha. It is a time for you to learn to accept some of who you are so I accept your challenge and it will be wisdom based. Solve the following riddle or get the Sphinx to choose you.

I am green, I am a lover, I am active and I am tasty. What am I?

Once you have solved my challenge come up with one of your own based on my moon, my heritage or my current station among the humans. We will take the results of both challenges to a Philodox for judgement.

One way or another YOU WILL LEARN!"



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