The howlers of the Big Apple.

The technocracy

We went looking for the cubs. Some Fae penetrated the glasswalker’s system pretending to be a kinfolk. They took us when we went to ask him where he’d seen the cubs he lost last. Of course we’d ask the one who lost them for information. Fidget blames me. She encouraged the den father to hit me with a newspaper like some common dog and after I got her out. How could she encourage me to just leave them there?

OOC:the stuff in brackets are thoughts, not speech.
{OMG that hurts. How many times will need to do that. Now to get those pegs taken from my feet and other hands) “Hang on Fidget I’ll get you”
[I can’t get the pegs out and I’m just messing her up worse. I’ve got to find my back to that control panel. Got her out. She can’t move.]
[I don’t know how long I can hold her. time to jump into the Umbra. Where did the human prisoners go?]
“Fidget talk to that wind spirit. See if it can get us home.”
[Thank Gaia. We’ve reached the Caern]

“Den Father, there more of the cubs back there. Their minds are being controlled. THey need our help.”

“You need to be cleansed. Would you really risk your wisdom by going after Garou that are lost and no longer there?” hurts replied.
“It’s now or never. If we wait they’ll be gone.” I said
“Shut up Cubby we’re in no condition to go.”
By the time I convinced the Den father to go it was too late.

Then Den father gave us our next mission.
“Now, I want you to go to the fae and fine out who this Sam is. CUBBY, you’ll be nice.”
My teeth are bared by habit. [they hurt my packmate, my Beta]

“Just hit him with this Newspaper.” Fidget said and tossed him a rolled up newspaper.
[what does she think she’s doing? I’m not some common dog, and after I brought her home.]
whap on the nose.
Memory flashes[I can see one dead Garou after another flash past me. Wirse are coming out of them. What is happening? I can barely control myself.
“Do you want to fight me CUBBY?” Suddenly the Denfather looks me right in the eyes. I’m so angry I cannot look away.

[The fight is short. I used every dirty trick I could. I dissapeared when behind him, threw dirt in his eyes, tripped him. I did hurt him, but he is just too good a fighter for me. I went down in the end.)

whap with the newspaper again.

{Fidget will pay. I have the perfect prank. First, I’ll put newspaper in between her matress and box spring. I’ll leave an inch from the edge of the bed so she won’t see it. Then I’ll place more right under her sheets. Once she get rid of that she’ll think it’s over and then when she roles over during the night it’ll wake her up. I wonder if she figure where the crinling is coming from or shift to wolf form so she can pinpoint it.]



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