The howlers of the Big Apple.

New York
Pack Totem
So New york is our pack totem. Finding him was kind of interesting. First we got “high”. We were visited by Fox, New York and Grandfather Thunder. Raven and Racoon also made an appearance. We chose New York, although I think the rest of the Sept is not happy about this. Our first mission was one of the utmost importance. Get rid of the spiral dancers. We did. We blew up their cars, killed their alpha and took down many of them on the run. It was glorious. I should not assume that Den father and Alpha are on the same page. It was so different before. If you followed the wishes of one elder, Alpha would just growl. Humans confuse everything. They don’t make sure they understand Alpha before giving instructions. I’ll need to be more careful.
Six Years Later.
Wow, I forgot I had a diary. What a whiner I was. Flash forward 6 years. As I log all this stuff into my computer and destroy this journal. Apparently, I didn’t know how to write a coherent sentences back then. So, what’s changed? Not much. Seems like the same stuff different day. Graduated for that prestigious girls school, not that I needed to since Mom and Dad have me sitting pretty. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis. Well, more of a career crisis. I don’t want to live off my parents the rest of my life. I want to make my own money and my own way. Still don’t know what I want to do. Where do I go from here?

Do I move forward and do everything for the pack? Or do I pretend to care about human fashion, clubs, or media? I can’t connect with anyone. The girls I graduated with are fine, but I don’t feel like I belong. I also do feel like I belong with the Garou. I’m just very confused and rather hurt. I’m trying to work it out on my own because I don’t want anyone to know about it. But, then I also feel guilty and ashamed to be holding a secret. My turmoil means nothing in the grand scheme of things. More concerned about the city. We decided on our totem I hope we picked well. I’m leery of these dangerous situations we are placed in, running into a group of skin heads is not what I would call and great Saturday night out, you know?

Also, being the legal guardian of your Alpha is a weird situation. Making sure he has his lunch every morning for school, and I’m rather insistent to drive him to school myself, not that I don’t trust my driver. Also, I’m rather protective of the little guy. I just like the freedom. Not like I do much all day. I need to pick up some hobbies. I think some mediation tonight would be cleansing after the couple nights we’ve had.
"Cubby" journal
I like football. All those children who made fun of me because I didn’t like Nintendo or Sega realized I’m alpha when I tackled them. I grabbed the football and ran right through the biggest people. I reached the endzone(the enemy’s territory for other lupus). Melissa is now my female. Eddie is now the omega at school. I enjoyed science today. We made soda bottles fly. That would be a great prank to pull on the Black Furies. They’re so testy. Maybe I’ll introduce them to Melissa.
Game 2

Sam Giordano is the man they took the mission from.

Sam is a kinfolk(changeling that is pretending to be helpful)

They think they are on the spiral.

The pyscho voice called.

They woke up to the Engineer starting to work on them.

She started to brainwash them now and she was mostly successful.

Ripped off the color to go ahead and went down it was the cuby.

Freedom was almost given to sora and he shattered and broken.

Sam taunted them and they raise to the bait.

They almost lose wisdom due to a dumb move of going back and no building being there.

The mages will be back.

Wispy is Sora’s friend.

The moot
Ragabashes are fun. Did you know we should be ruling the humans openly? We get all the best parts of the moot. [lawrence] got beat down. We got to watch a new warden win the challenge. I’ve never seen 2 wolves move s fast. Everybody likes me. I remembered the hammer. Why did he have to kill the driver? He will not do that again! I have this new place to live. Its huge and bigger than 4 trees together. I like my territory. It’s right near the only forest. I think I’ll go hunting
The Moot
I fucking hate my life! HATE IT! This changing thing sucks. Not to mention the hair I find in my bra after I change back. And boys? LAME!! Things with a penis are morons!! DUMB DUMB DUMB!! I hate it here. I want to goooooo back hooooome! Ruined more of my clothing. I got thrown into a tree. A TREE! My best converses are Ruined! A freaking poor homeless ugly kid killed my driver. Moots suck! Kinda..

Adults are psycho.

This whole changing into things and things changing into things is weird. Who know a wolf can be a boy? Like, I’m a girl, and I’m kinda a wolf.. but then can a wolf be a boy? Or is a wolf still a wolf? IS a dog still a dog or can it be a kid too? But does that mean any thing can be two things? Like can a cat be my biology teacher? So confusing. School starts in 2 weeks and my closest friend is a 9 year old naked kid. Concept of clothing is a little bit beyond him and a bathroom. I had to put newspaper down in the spare room.

And this damn stinky kid I can’t stand but he better do as I say or I’ll turn on him so fast. I gave him the guest house in the back yard, where we keep most of the pool toys. I don’t let him in the house yet. Though the kiddo seems to protest in his favor too much. I dunno, why I like him so much he’s like a little brother I never had. OH lord, I think the asshole got himself in my kitchen. I hear a lot of rooting around. I gotta go!
I Don't Know What Happened.
So, I’m sitting in the back of the family limo right now on a lame drive to NYC. Where apparently I’m going to be staying until further notice. IT’S NOT FAIR. I don’t want to move. That wrinkle face Samantha knew James was my date to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, I didn’t know I’d go berserk. Not to mention I ruined a perfectly tubular dress. I can’t see my friends ever again or not to mention James.

I don’t think they ever found Samantha.. or if there is a Samantha now. Don’t remember much but seeing red when that bitch walked off on the dance floor with him. Parents seem very vague on the details. However, they are kinda of insisting that it was a baby bear that wandered into the school. I think they are renaming the gym in Samantha’s memory. They should rename it the Bad-dressed-boyfriend-thief gym now.

Not that James will ever speak to me again… considering if he ever comes out of the coma.*

NYC shouldn’t be too bad, but I have to stay with my dumb aunt and uncle. They have no personality or backbone. AND no sense of fashion. They look like they are stuck in the 60s. Hell-o! It’s 1989!

I hope they don’t make me practice the piano. Also, dad’s family is a but weird. More so than mom’s. I dunno, Mom can be a but crazy and weepy. The whole thing smells weird. Ooo, I can see the skyline out the window. Catch you later.*


My new room bites. Hard core. They are taking me on some lame family thing when the moon is full again. But, I got to go ‘alone.’ Like hell, I couldn’t be more alone ever. I want to go back home. Oh did I mention they are sending me to an all girls private school??! I’ll catch up later Diary.

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