The howlers of the Big Apple.

Oh Cubby, my heart broke. I didn’t want to do it this way. You left me no choice. There is no joy in me to be Alpha, just a great big bitterness. An emptiness. I always felt becoming Alpha would be trumpeted with the howls of joyous ruckus. How my heart aches. How it worries. But, it’s up to me now. I hope to Gaia he is staying with his regular kin folk but he acts before he thinks. He’ll be so easily lured away. This is my fault I should have told him of the dangers.

All this going through my head and all I could say in a soft cool voice was, “Thank you, He who Judges.” And I excused myself quickly. There’s no time to lose. I have to find Cubby before it gets dark. For when it gets dark, evil things think it’s easier to prey. Oh, Cubby come HOOOoooooOOOOoME!!
A day in the life
School was normal. I left form my Kinfolk’s house and walked. Money would provide me with busfair and lunch money. I could be eating meat. The A&P turned me down. I was unable to get a job in any of the smaller deli’s or shops. No one will take a chance and hire someone so young. These kids offered me job. My ancestors Think I should take it, New york is not annoyed by it and the packages they wanted me to deliver are not wyrm tainted. There is something wrong with this but I cannot figure it out. New york made it seem like the packages that get delivered are illegal. I suppose as long as this person does not use children to deliver packages that hurt Gaia it is not my problem, but I need to find out. Fidgets must be angry, she is not saing anything to me through our connection.
He who Judges

The big booted man crosses his legs slowly with a soft grunt as he reads over the note in his hand. He shakes his head softly and looks at the Garou before him with a soft smile. He then sets the piece of paper on the table next to him and closes his eyes softly and lets out a sigh. The shadows flicker softly under the candle light in the room no power is run to the house of judgement and that is where He Who Judges holds court. He then opens his eyes in a quick flash this young man wiser then his years. He then opens his mouth and closes it just as swift as he thinks.

“The Alpha know as Cubby is no longer Alpha of his pack. He has shown no wisdom in issuing a challenge is a time of war for his pack and not feeling any control over his pack by issuing such challenge. A Second he showed no Honor in dashing out into the world after removing his scent from his Den.” He then stands up and swiftly his duster puffing out as if a black smoke behind him as he moves."Third he has put his pack in dangers way and also himself now. He is to be striped of his rank and made cub again till he can prove himself to his Alpha. She has the right to give him back his rank when he lives up to it again. This is due to the Litany by "

He then shakes his head and pulls out his laptop hidden behind a throw rug on the wall and starts to quickly.“I will now report my ruling and all the Garou of New York will know it. Gratz on becoming Alpha She Who Fidgets. His name is now the Unwise Cub as well.”
A Challenge Met
OH Cubby how can you be so stupid!? Ignorant Country Bumkin! He forgets he’s soft pink and delicious to the big bad things out there. He forgets we are on high alert due to the fae and the BSDs. Leaving home and territory is not only dangerous but stupid. He is living up to his name. I am Garou this is my pack, and I will protect it. Cubby fails to remember we are a city pack, and I can understand he longs to run free in the woods. However, if he is unable to live in human society and be respectful and honorable he will not survive here. I’m so worried about him, not only as his sister and pack-mate but as a leader. He abandoned territory which makes the pack mine, and I am Alpha, he challenged and took off like a coward, a child. I have lost my respect for him. There are so many things that the pack is up against, this is no time for Alpha challenges it is petty in the grand scheme of what is going on. He is putting himself and also the whole pack in danger.

He left me a note. I have no choice I have to take this to the den Phildox. I hate to do this to Cubby put this is my only choice that was left to me when he stormed out like this. Tell them he bleached his scent from my home, our territory. They will listen to reason. They will understand this is a child playing leader.

Oh, Cubby I hope I can find you before it’s too late!
The note
"I’ve made the attempt to learn to function in human society. I go to school, learn science, math and english. I am leaving now to learn the human version of self sufficiency. I will take a job at the a&p as a bagboy after school to learn the importance of money. I will return once your challenge for Alpha has been resolved. You’ve never learned to hunt, to smell, to hear. You think it beneath you and you will never be happy until you accept who you are. You are WOLF!! You are human. You are more than both. You are a theurge who is afraid to talk to the spirits. As long as you choose to just be human you will be weak. You refuse to look out for your brothers and sisters in any way other than money, yet you challenge for Alpha. It is a time for you to learn to accept some of who you are so I accept your challenge and it will be wisdom based. Solve the following riddle or get the Sphinx to choose you.

I am green, I am a lover, I am active and I am tasty. What am I?

Once you have solved my challenge come up with one of your own based on my moon, my heritage or my current station among the humans. We will take the results of both challenges to a Philodox for judgement.

One way or another YOU WILL LEARN!"
Enough is enough. Fidget is my packmate but I’ve spent enough time nurturing her need for Family. Her parents may have left her here but that is no reason for her to stop me from being a Garou and making me into a human child like I am some sort of doll. She hides in her room, refuses to understand the smallest part of being a Garou.

“Why didn’t you ask us before accepting the assignment?” Idiot! Cubs, Kinfolk and Cliath dissapeared right after we ran some BSD’s out of town. Of course I didn’t ask them if they’d look for them. That would have been an insult. Like it or not this is still my pack and I made a decision. It’s time she learned that money is just a means to an end, not power. She needs to be more than she is. I’ve failed to teach her and she will not learn as long as I play the role of the human child she wants me to be. It’s time to stop staying with her.

I’ll need to clean the areas of the hotel I’ve marked. Those lemon cleaners haven’t erased all trace of me. This will take the nose fire. Hmmmmm! 1 part bleach 4 parts water, then I’ll dump it into the spray gun. All clean. Why is the carpet turning light blue now. Oh well. It’s done. Onto the east corner!

One last touch. I need to let her know her challenge for Alpha has been accepted. SCraaaaaaatch!!!! 1 claw mark down her bedroom door, now to just tack up the note.
Last few days have been tense I can sense Cubby is mad at me, but since he news papered my bed I have been unwilling to apologize. I’m angry as well. However, I feel challenged in my own home. Cubby normally stays a few days out here and there. I paid a company to wallpaper his room with specialized newspaper Headlines read “Bad Wolf.” Pictures and text varied the next time he comes home he’ll find his room redecorated to reflect the new Newspaper motif I even changed his lamp shade. Only one way ragabashes understand a competition and that’s with pranks and jokes. It’s on now.
Thirteen year old boys are disgusting. How many tissues? HOW MANY!? Really? Boys are little monsters. It smells like a jock strap on the west wing of the house. And then he gives me those little doe eyes when he’s asking for advice on homework and school, I like Cubby. He’s like a little brother, but he’s still just a child. I think this is all that Melissa girl’s fault hanging on to him so much.

Almost died. Powerless to save Cubby this time. I’m useless. Only thing we can do is to plan carefully instead of being impulsive beasts, so we don’t get into trouble in the first place. I feel bad. I blamed Cubby for the decision made because of what happened, but it probably would have been the one I made. So I took it out on him in anger, which wasn’t right. I think Cubby would make a great Alpha, but in 5 to 10 years. He can’t handle it right now. I think I need to take over for right now. I’m willing to hand it back over to him once he’s of age, but not right now. He’s an impulsive teenager right now.

I need to look out after us now. The Engineer has got me nervous and the Fae I rather want dead myself. Yes, I would have made the decision to go to the Fae’s home, but I wouldn’t have posted to the BBS without consulting the others and thinking it over. Yes, we need to act, but we need to think it through. I can understand Cubby’s mistake. I can even be thankful that we went to them and they didn’t come to us, but we are all in danger. However, Cubby is still an impulsive little boy that still needs guidance and I can’t shake these motherly instincts to look after him.

I should really apologize for scolding him and also siding with the Den Father and offering the newspaper. I shouldn’t have and that was wrong of me. Maybe, I’ll make him his favorite meal or something to make it up.

What is that crinkling sound? I just went to the bed to grab my hair brush and the bedding sounds crunchy.

Okay, Cubby covered my bedding with Newspaper. OH AND MY BOX SPRING! URg! I need to go and remake my bedding. Need to plan for the future more thoroughly. Things are going to change around here, starting as soon as possible.
The technocracy
We went looking for the cubs. Some Fae penetrated the glasswalker’s system pretending to be a kinfolk. They took us when we went to ask him where he’d seen the cubs he lost last. Of course we’d ask the one who lost them for information. Fidget blames me. She encouraged the den father to hit me with a newspaper like some common dog and after I got her out. How could she encourage me to just leave them there?

OOC:the stuff in brackets are thoughts, not speech.
{OMG that hurts. How many times will need to do that. Now to get those pegs taken from my feet and other hands) “Hang on Fidget I’ll get you”
[I can’t get the pegs out and I’m just messing her up worse. I’ve got to find my back to that control panel. Got her out. She can’t move.]
[I don’t know how long I can hold her. time to jump into the Umbra. Where did the human prisoners go?]
“Fidget talk to that wind spirit. See if it can get us home.”
[Thank Gaia. We’ve reached the Caern]

“Den Father, there more of the cubs back there. Their minds are being controlled. THey need our help.”

“You need to be cleansed. Would you really risk your wisdom by going after Garou that are lost and no longer there?” hurts replied.
“It’s now or never. If we wait they’ll be gone.” I said
“Shut up Cubby we’re in no condition to go.”
By the time I convinced the Den father to go it was too late.

Then Den father gave us our next mission.
“Now, I want you to go to the fae and fine out who this Sam is. CUBBY, you’ll be nice.”
My teeth are bared by habit. [they hurt my packmate, my Beta]

“Just hit him with this Newspaper.” Fidget said and tossed him a rolled up newspaper.
[what does she think she’s doing? I’m not some common dog, and after I brought her home.]
whap on the nose.
Memory flashes[I can see one dead Garou after another flash past me. Wirse are coming out of them. What is happening? I can barely control myself.
“Do you want to fight me CUBBY?” Suddenly the Denfather looks me right in the eyes. I’m so angry I cannot look away.

[The fight is short. I used every dirty trick I could. I dissapeared when behind him, threw dirt in his eyes, tripped him. I did hurt him, but he is just too good a fighter for me. I went down in the end.)

whap with the newspaper again.

{Fidget will pay. I have the perfect prank. First, I’ll put newspaper in between her matress and box spring. I’ll leave an inch from the edge of the bed so she won’t see it. Then I’ll place more right under her sheets. Once she get rid of that she’ll think it’s over and then when she roles over during the night it’ll wake her up. I wonder if she figure where the crinling is coming from or shift to wolf form so she can pinpoint it.]
New York
Pack Totem
So New york is our pack totem. Finding him was kind of interesting. First we got “high”. We were visited by Fox, New York and Grandfather Thunder. Raven and Racoon also made an appearance. We chose New York, although I think the rest of the Sept is not happy about this. Our first mission was one of the utmost importance. Get rid of the spiral dancers. We did. We blew up their cars, killed their alpha and took down many of them on the run. It was glorious. I should not assume that Den father and Alpha are on the same page. It was so different before. If you followed the wishes of one elder, Alpha would just growl. Humans confuse everything. They don’t make sure they understand Alpha before giving instructions. I’ll need to be more careful.

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