The Sept of NYC

They meet in the nice woods behind a mansion of Andrew T. Jackson the third. A wealthy man about town a oil baron turned into the world of computers by his own hand. The leaders of the sept are as follows.

The Political (As known to players)
Leader of this caren Andrew jackson himself know to the garou as Way with Words.

The Warden-Brings down the house. A glass-walker Auron known to fight with any means to win his fight. By day a cop named Allen Billings.

Hurts Cubs is the den mother. He is a Children of Gaia Auron. He believes in spoil the rod spoil the child.
People of the sept(The players have seen.)

Beats Jerks-An Auron Black Furry that does not hate men but does not respect them.

Laughs in the face of death-Bullet to the face and is the last of his pack. He is not looking for a new pack due to the death of his friends. A Silent Strider Ragabash.

The Sept of NYC

The howlers of the Big Apple. Princesy